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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in Austin, Texas 

2020: Hi, everyone! My name is Samantha Stone and I want to start by saying WELCOME to my heart and soul, Stones + Pearls. I am a Registered Nurse fresh out of College, with a passion for making jewelry and a heart for helping those in need, specifically, the poor and vulnerable. This interest of mine and desire to help other people led me across the Country to the small Village of Neply, Haiti. This place has secured a very special place in my heart and I have chosen to use this journey with Stones + Pearls as an opportunity to help and raise awareness for the people of Neply and all of Haiti. Jewelry making is something that I have grown to love and I am so excited to share what I have worked so hard for with each of you. With each S + P purchase, a child or family in Haiti will be one step closer to a meal, an Education, a pair of shoes, and the LIFE that they deserve. With your help, I am going to change the World, one creation at a time. 

2022: UPDATE! Mitch and I are now MARRIED with two beautiful Babies, Adalee Stone and Annie Hastings. Still doing what we love here at Stones + Pearls, and want to genuinely thank EACH of you for tagging along on this journey with us.

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